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TechCertain provides full web stacks to the insurance industry including ERP and white labelled affinity programmes for professions, associations and other groups of insurers.  With a solid track record of performance and dedication to an Open Core model our customers own their own servers and can always access the source code.


Full stack web services for the insurance industry

Accounting to E-Commerce

Using open source tools our stacks can include

all layers from re-insurer to insured

Responsive Design

Everything is web and fully responsive

from desktop to mobile

Web Security

Our stacks are built to be audited with all access protected by strong encryption through to multi-factor authentication


A library of templated product which can be offered in a multi-product portfolio to the public or an affinity group

Casualty Business Lines

Professional Indemnity and more

Business Material Damage

Assets and Operations Interruption

Personal Assets

Home Contents Motor Pleasurecraft

Personal Financial

Life, Income Protection

Personal Health

Medical Travel Accident 


Marine Aircraft Coolstore Heavy Plant


Providing web services to the industry since 2002

  • 2002
    Actuarial Risk Data Collection

    Early projects focussed around collecting data to support technology company indemnity insurance 

  • April 2003

    A Software as a Service Starts

    In April 2003 we commenced work with Lumley (now part of IAG) to provide technology company covers from proposal to quote.

  • 2006
    Transition to .Net

    With additional affinity groups we move to Microsoft's .Net framework

  • 2010

    Move to open source

    With a major multi-year project we moved to C# and open source tools to enable development of a library of APIs

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